• Victoria Elena Nones

Two Major Elements of Comedy

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Some of the most common elements that make us "haha"

Think that comedy is a "natural" talent? Think again. It can be learned.


The element of #comedy that is a most common joy for our human brains is the element of surprise. I just got my DNA test back and found out I'm 100% That Bitch. Here we are, just hum drumming along about DNA and you're expecting me to say "Venezuelan" and all of a sudden BAM out of nowhere I say something completely unexpected.


Pull up any stand up comedy video worth its salt and you'll see that at the core of comedy - we are simply saying what others are thinking but would never say out loud. Every comedic bit has a kernel of truth behind it - and the best comedy is using that truth to say something important to the world.

Get Inspired

Write down some truths in your own life - what are your points of view about certain topics? What are some opinions you have about the world? Try to steer clear of the amateur topics of sex, gross bodily humor, or deep trauma.


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