Communication: How To Share Your Vision

How do you communicate your vision?

Number One: Figure out the problem you are solving - how you're going to solve it - and - how you're going to make money solving it. Those are really the three main important parts.

Number Two: Be succinct with whoever you're communicating your vision with. Look, I'm sure you're passionate and you've probably got multiple spreadsheets and all kinds of lengthy documents, but you don't want to overload and front-load people with too much info. Keep it short and sweet and to the point, and let them ask you questions.

Number Three: Put your idea (your problem, solution, and how you're going to make money) into some sort of a visual tool - I recommend either a video or a slide deck or pitch presentation/powerpoint. Then, take this to people you trust and respect - not somebody who's going to PooPoo your dream - but somebody who really supports you and wants to help; maybe somebody who has more business knowledge than you. Let them poke some holes and ask some good questions for feedback. You want to make sure that you do get feedback before you present it to any major/super important audience (such as investors or potential business partners).

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