Charisma: How To Introduce Yourself

Charisma: How To Introduce Yourself

How do you introduce yourself to someone that you've just met...and be memorable while doing it?

3 Tips

Number One: Make sure to say something unique and interesting about yourself - not the typical boring business blah blah or 'how's the weather?' or where you're from. Tell me something interesting like 'I love scuba diving' or ‘I have a weird collection of socks’. This is sure to bring up much more interesting and stimulating conversation.

Number Two: Don't lead arrogantly, but you do want to give a little bit of credibility about yourself when you're first meeting someone so that they know that you've done some amazing work. Subtly...humbly...kind of drop in there some name dropping of brands while you're introducing yourself and this allows people to see that you are credible. One of the ways I like to do this is by easily mentioning things like 'Yes, I love speaking, I've been so fortunate to be a speaker at places like Yale and Accenture and have really been able to empower women in those talks.’

Number Three: If you wanna be quirky and fun, and memorable -- introduce yourself using a list of three. So, two somewhat normal things, and then the third thing something more interesting. So, for example: 'Hi, I'm Victoria,I'm a serial entrepreneur, I love to empower and inspire women, and my go to karaoke song is 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart'.

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