Meet Victoria

Entrepreneur & Comedian

Victoria Elena Nones is a self made, serial entrepreneur with a passion for empowering the underdog and striving for equality in all arenas. She is a visionary focused on creating profitable ventures and advocating for people like herself - the "unlikely entrepreneur". 

Victoria is passionate about the ABC's :


  • Activism: Human Rights, Gender Parity,  Jobs for All, Animal Rights (She is Vegan), & Volunteering 


  • Business: Entrepreneurship, Technology, Sales, Marketing, Strategy, Speaking, Teaching, & Mentoring

  • Creativity: Singing,  Film, Comedy, Dance, Theater, Comedy, Writing, Directing, Producing​, & Performing

Victoria builds businesses and projects around her passions.  


Her companies are:


Her Co Created Ventures Include:

Authorize Your


Victoria Elena Nones

She is the queen of boot-strapping companies & projects to success - a term she calls having "genuine grit".

Victoria has been a speaker and teacher at numerous businesses, universities, and conferences including:


  • Yale Women In Leadership Conference

  • The Caterpillar International Women’s Conference 

  • Accenture International Women’s Day

  • The National Association for Professional Pet Sitters

  • The Women's Business Development Center

  • New Founders

  • 1871

  • Illinois Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce

  • Pace University

  • & More


She started her first business in 2012 - SIT Social: A Dog Lounge- a successful boutique providing pet care, retail, and unique pet focused events like "Doggie Singles Nights". SIT Social has been featured on NBC, Fox News, UPS Elevator Pitch with Marcus Lemonis, the Chicago Redeye, and more.



When it comes to comedy, Victoria has trained and performed with places such as The Second City, Improv Olympic, and the Chicago Women's Funny Festival to name a few. In 2015, Victoria launched a non-profit called Women in Comedy to increase gender parity in the comedy industry.  Her comedy work to empower women has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, NY Magazine, Full Frontal With Samantha Bee, ELLE Magazine, and Jezebel, including others.



Victoria is currently in the soft launch of her B2B SaaS tech startup for comedy - Satira. As Co Founder of Satira, Victoria has been selected to Rent The Runway's Project Entrepreneur class of 2018, pitch finalist for the MidWest Women In Tech Conference, and as a member of 1871/IHCC's inaugural hispanic tech incubator. She is dedicated to impacting the pipeline of diverse tech entrepreneurs by volunteering with multiple organizations as a mentor, speaker, and consultant. She volunteers her time as a mentor working with adults and youth at organizations such as 1871, 2112, Envision Lead Grow, Campus 1871, and Future Founders - where they believe every youth can become an entrepreneur.


Victoria is currently co-producing and hosting Run - her first TV project with her co owned company VAG Productions.

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