About Victoria

Pitch Expert

Self made #girlboss.


Entrepreneurship + Entertainment are the two loves of my life,  along with my two puppy mill mamma rescues (Bettie + Mabel). I am a level 10 dog mom with a top of the line dog stroller (#levelup) and my girls go everywhere with me.


I love glitter, loud lipstick, and generally being "just...too....much". I am the founder of Women In Comedy, Satira Tech, owner of SIT Social: A Dog Lounge, and part of the powerhouse executive producer trio at VAG Productions.


While my approach with my clients is direct and honest, there's always warmth & humor on our journey together - as I am an alumni of The Second City Comedy School (where SNL sources talents such as Tina Fey, Mike Myers, Amy Poehler, Cecily Strong, & Aidy Bryant).


I am living a life I love surrounded by businesses I own while mentoring startup and celebrity clients I adore. My businesses and brands are working for me so that I can work for you.


I hope to empower you with my experience and insights and get you to that next level with a killer pitch.


What future can we co-create to take you to the next level? Connect with me on IG at @victoriaenones.