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Pitching with Victoria Elena Nones

Meet Victoria

Pitch Expert

Victoria's 15+ years of expertise in business and entertainment have helped her create a unique formula for winning pitches. She has mentored, coached, and developed pitch materials with hundreds of tech startups, business owners, investors, tv producers, and celebrity clients to acquire her clients millions in investment money,  major network deals, and prize-winning checks from pitch competitions. In fact, her decks have landed her corporate contracts, funding for her own tech company, and agency representation for her TV show ideas. 

Her work has been featured in dozens of press including The Washington Post, CBS,  The Chicago Tribune, ELLE, NY Magazine, NBC, Timeout, PBS, and Buzzfeed. In addition, she is a:


  • Public speaker for Ivy League Schools such as Yale University

  • Thought Leader & Workshop Facilitator to Fortune 100 Companies including Caterpillar Corporation and the #1 tech incubator in the world, 1871

  • Keynote speaker about business & entrepreneurship to top global consulting firms such as Accenture 

  • Mentor to hundreds of young entrepreneurs through organizations such as Future Founders and University of Chicago


You've landed the pitch meeting, now how do you seal the deal? With an excellent pitch deck. Whether you're talking to investors, customers or partners – you only get one shot! Don't waste it! Let Victoria help you by telling the best parts of your story and engaging your audience. A strong narrative paired with sleek design will take you everywhere you want to go. Need help with the execution/public speaking part of it? She's got your back.


What Victoria Specializes In

Pitch Deck Narrative

Pitch Deck Design

Pitch/Brand Videos


Public Speaking


You only get one shot.

Make it count.

"Victoria is a master speaker and performer- she provided excellent coaching before an audition with very helpful and pointed feedback. She was generous with her time and energy and her support and counsel had a huge impact on our results. Don't second guess working with her!"

- Leeatt Rothschild

CEO: Packed With Purpose

“Victoria is amazing! Victoria not only helped me building a roadmap for my pitch, but helped me dealing with my anxiety speaking in front of a large audience. First, we discussed why I get so anxious and pivoted my fear into positive affirmations: I'm great, I'm confident, I know my company more than anyone else, I am a rock star. Thank you Victoria, you are a rock star too!”

- Rocio Lane

CEO: Cleancio

"I had an absolutely phenomenal consultation with Victoria. She was able to understand my creative mental health wellness company and helped me find the words to get my message across. She was so professional and willing to be flexible with me. I guarantee you she provides a service like no other. My company has now leveled up in our communication style thanks to her! I see more contracts coming my way!"

- C. Fontenelle

CEO: Fontenelle Art



Pitch Coaching


Need some guidance on a budget? Connect with Victoria for a 1 hr session to walk through her formula for your pitch. Additional hours can be added as needed for notes and drafts.

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Pitch Writing

$1000 +

Don't have the time and want end-to-end production? For a higher price tag, Victoria and her team will gather your info and whip up a pitch deck for you on your timeline.

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Pitch Video


Ready to level up? From ideation to completion, Victoria and her team will create a custom 60-90 second branded video to use for investors, pitch decks, emails, and more. 

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